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Safe Opening & Repair New York

Expert Locksmith is a local based locksmith company that specializes in safe services. We will make sure that your belongings are safe with our safes. Our safe experts at Expert Locksmith provide you with safe opening and safe repair services. No matter what valuables you are looking to secure, we have the professional safes, vaults, and safe services you need for your peace of mind. We do everything from safe repair and safe opening to safe combination changes and safe maintenance.

Safe Opening
We are able to open and service all types of safes including (but not limited to): Fire and Data Safes, Antique Safes, B and C Rate Safes (Including Residential and Commercial), High Security Safes including TL-15, TL-15x6 TL-30, TL-30x6, TRTL-30, and TRTL60x6, ATM�s, and Fire and Plate Vaults.

In a situation that requires a safe to be drilled, the safe opening is done by a qualified safe technician. In addition to the training, skills and experience required, some of the tools we use to perform safe opening include: Borescopes, Drilling Rigs, Carbide, Diamond and High Speed Drills.

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